About Me

Ahmad Romadhon is the owner of the blog named www.romadhon-byar.com. I started writing a blog activity in 2010, but the first time I made ​​this blog in 2009. At the time I just try to make a blog, but at that moment I was confused to use the blog, because I am still new in the blog world. After 1 year passed (2009 to 2010) I was told by my teacher to look for textbooks, I finally look at the bookstore.

There I find the textbooks in question, but I can not find it. Before leaving, I saw a bookshelf whose content theme of the blog, I was interested in and eventually buy the book. Although I can not find the book my teacher is essential I bought the book useful for my future, and it proved to fit me to go to college in CCIT - FT UI , Depok. And in the end, I became a writer of useful knowledge in my blog today, because of our blog to get knowledge and experience invaluable. Spirit ...!

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